Insurance coverage

You will need sufficient insurance coverage during your stay at the University of Salzburg, especially health insurance. The Austrian system of social security is divided into four branches: health insurance, accident insurance, pension scheme, unemployment insurance. In addition, you may want to consider buying liability insurance.

Health Insurance

Employees of the university

In case you have a work contract with the university, you will usually be  covered  by statutory health insurance (if your monthly salary surpasses a certain  minimum amount. The insurance premium is automatically deducted from your salary; no need for any further personal payments. You will receive an insurance card (so-called “e-card.”  Doctors having contracts with social security carriers and also hospitals will treat you free of charge, if you have this card. In some cases deductibles apply. You may also choose to go to a private doctor (Wahlarzt). In this case you have to pay the fee yourself at first and can hand in  the bill to the health insurance carrier for a (partial) refund.
Accident insurance, pension plan, unemployment insurance are part of your work contract. The fee is deducted automatically from your salary.

Guests of the university (without work contract with the university of salzburg)

Guest of the university have to organize their insurance coverage, especially health insurance, by themselves.
EU-, EEA- and Swiss citizens can use their  European Health Insurance Card which is also valid in Austria. Before coming to Austria you should check which services are covered. The European Health Insurance Card is not a substitute for travel health insurance, which we recommend to buy extra.
For entry and residence nationals of Third Countries need proof of travel health insurance that is valid in Austria and with coverage of at least € 30.000 (as of March 2017).
A directory of insurance companies in Austria is available  here.

Liability insurance

The University of Salzburg does not provide liability insurance. If you want to buy such insurance coverage, you can choose from a list of Austrian insurance companies. You might want to check whether your existing liability insurance is also valid in Austria.

The Welcome Center will be happy to discuss insurance options with you.