FAQs – english

What are the requirements for enrolling in the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education?

There must be an eligible diploma or master’s degree (e.g., teaching degree or equivalent such as education). A suitable diploma or master’s degree from a university of applied sciences is also one of the valid prerequisites. It is important that it is a consecutive study according to the Bologna structure (Master). Continuing education and university courses are not relevant for admission.

Additionally: For the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education attendance is compulsory at the University of Salzburg (No distance learning).

You need a language diploma for German at level B2 or higher. Furthermore, you need to independently search for a supervisor (professor at the University of Salzburg) of your dissertation project. The supervisory endorsement is useful and strongly recommended for admission to the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education.


What is the latest date for enrollment in the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education?

The enrollment deadline is October 31 for the winter semester and March 31 for the summer semester.


How long does the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education take?

The duration of the study is about three years (six semesters).


What do I have to do in the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education?

The Doctoral Program includes the completion of courses totaling 30 credits (1 credit = 25h workload) and a written dissertation (180 credits in total).

The 30 ECTS are composed of dissertation seminars, doctoral courses and special achievements such as attending conferences/congresses, writing publications, etc.


Do I have to pay tuition for the Doctoral Program in Teacher Education?

No. There is a minimum fee (ÖH fee) of approx. 20 euros that has to be paid per semester.


In order to answer your questions to your satisfaction, we need detailed information about the universities you have graduated from and the studies you have completed there (if possible with certificates of achievement and degree certificate(s) attached).

If you are still interested, please send us all the required documents and provide us with your exact address.