Collection focus

The Salzburg University Library collects literature from and about Salzburg, as well as by Salzburg authors and printed works from Salzburg and the neighboring Bavarian Rupertiwinkel. The Salisburgensien document the history and the cultural and intellectual life of Salzburg.

Some of these publications reach the university library via “mandatory delivery”. According to  MedienG § 43ff. and  PflAV, there is a duty to offer and deliver printed works. This regulation on the delivery of 3 obligatory copies each to the university library goes back to Rector P. Alfons Stadelmayr, who obtained this from Archbishop  Guidobald Graf von Thun und Hohenstein in 1658.

The collection focus “Salisburgensien” includes literature on economy, geography, nature, art and culture and much more.

Among them are rare publications, such as historical brochures, pamphlets, writings of local associations or historical Salzburg newspapers and magazines, historical and current maps, travel guides and travel reports.

Salisburgensien are searchable via the search engine  UBsearch and can be used by anyone interested.

Information und contact:

Doris Rakar-Weidinger
Formale Medienbearbeitung (Pflichtexemplare)
Hofstallgasse 2-4
5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43 / (0) 662 / 8044  77152