DOI service by the University Library 

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a persistent identifier that allows digital objects to be uniquely identified and ensures long-term access, even if the storage location changes.

Members of the PLUS can register DOIs for publications and other digital objects via the DOI service of the University Library.
As a member of the DOI Service Austria, Salzburg University Library uses the DataCite registration platform.

DOI Advantages 

    • DOI can be resolved to Internet addresses that are valid regardless of the physical location of the document.
    •  If the URL changes, e.g. due to a server change, which would otherwise result in the object no longer being findable (404 error), users are redirected to the valid address via the DOI.
    • This ensures that scientific resources in particular can be found and cited in the long term. 
    • DOIs are used to identify publications in literature databases and search engines and are a decisive contribution to the visibility of publications.

Requirements for DOI assignment by the University Library

DOI assignment on ePLUS
DOIs can be assigned on request for all documents archived on the publication server ePLUS. By default, the persistent identifier URN is assigned to all documents, which has the same function but is less commonly used. Typical use cases are:

        •  Departmental publications, such as research reports, working papers, open access journals, or series
        • Pre-assignment of a URL before publication

DOIs are not assigned if a DOI has already been registered for identical data records by other repositories or journals.
To apply, please send an informal request to:

DOI allocation for own digital publication platforms
PLUS employees who operate publication platforms on which publications or research data are made available on PLUS infrastructure can apply for an account with a separate prefix if the following requirements are met:

        •  Data is hosted on a platform maintained at PLUS.
        • The operators can guarantee long-term availability of the objects via an URL.
        •  The data must be citable, worthy of publication and intended for permanent archiving. There are no restrictions on the data format.
        • The responsibility for assigning the DOI under the corresponding prefix lies with the platform operators. The metadata is assigned according to the  Datacite metadata scheme.
        • The DOI refers to the landing page of the object, which contains the descriptive metadata and the link to the object, not the object itself.


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact:

Linda Ohrtmann Tel: +43 (0) 662 / 8044-77421