FWF Open Access-Block Grant

As of January 1, 2024, costs for the Open Access publishing of works (peer-reviewed journal articles, contributions to edited volumes, etc.) resulting in whole or in part from FWF-funded projects will be supported by means of an Open-Access Block Grant provided in addition to the approved project budget. The administrative processing of this support will be the direct responsibility of the respective research institution as of 1 January 2024. The Open Access Block Grant will completely replace the previous processes and guidelines of the FWF’s Peer-Reviewed Publications Programme for all projects, regardless of the approval date.

Before submitting a manuscript resulting from an FWF project, please contact the Open Access & Publication Support Team of the University Library at to learn more about the possible Open Access funding options and the respective conditions.

A requirement for the coverage of Open Access publication costs from the Open Access block grant at PLUS is a current affiliation with PLUS by the corresponding author.

Furthermore, the following statement must be included at submission:

“This research was funded in whole or in part by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) [grant DOI]. For open access purposes, the author has applied a CC BY public copyright license to any author accepted manuscript version arising from this submission.”

For more information visit the FWF website at:  https://www.fwf.ac.at/en/funding/portfolio/communication/open-access-block-grant