Promotion of Articles and Monographs

Conditions of eligibility
  • Active employment relationship with the University of Salzburg
  • In case of co-authorship: submitting or corresponding author
  • The publication is already in the review process or has been accepted by the publisher.

Click here for the complete  funding guidlines.

Requirements for a funded publication of a journal article
  • The journal in which you are publishing is listed in the  Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Maximum funding amount: € 2.000,–.
  • In the case of open access journals published at PLUS, payment or reimbursement of publication fees will be made up to a maximum of € 2,000 per journal per year.
  • The prerequisite is that the article is published under a  Creative Commons licence.
  • Hybrid publications [see Hybrid Open Access & Offsetting]
    (release of articles in journals requiring subscription) can be funded if the publisher offsets the publication fee against the subscription fee in an appropriate manner.

Requirements for a subsidized publication of a monograph, an anthology and a contribution in collective works
  • Appropriate peer review on the part of the publisher is available.
  • Maximum grant for open access monographs: € 8,000,–.
  • Maximum grant for open access contributions in collective works: € 2,000.,–.
  • In the case of an embargo period, this may not exceed one year.