Mag. Dr. Oppolzer, Markus

Positions & Responsibilities
Assistant Professor in British Literature and Culture / English Language Teaching (tenure track)
Member of the Curricularkommission
School of Education  (member)
Research interests  
Picture Books
Visual Literacy Life Writing / Autobiography
Adaptation Studies (narrative media and their different ways of storytelling)
Narratology (unreliability / focalization)
Gothic Fiction 
teaching narrative media (prose, film, comics) and visual literacy in schools  


2014 (WS)Assistant Professor
2012 (WS) –   Post Doc (British Literature and Culture / English Language Teaching)
tenure track
2012 (SS)  external lecturer
2012 – 2008  Post Doc

Dr. phil. (26th February 2008)
thesis: “Failed Rites of Passage in Early Gothic Fiction”
supervisors: Prof. Dr. Sabine Coelsch-Foisner & Prof. Dr. Justin Stagl

2008 – 2003 doctoral programme   
2004 – 2002  tutor at the department

Diplom (M.A.)
thesis: “Involved Distance: Christopher Isherwood’s Early Life and Autobiographical Fiction”                       
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Holger Klein

2000 – 2001 (WS) ERASMUS: University of Granada (Spain)
2003 – 1998 Teacher Training: English and Spanish
University of Salzburg
1998 – 1995 teacher at a secondary modern school (Hauptschullehrer)
1995 – 1994  language assistant for German at North Warwickshire College of Technology and Arts (Nuneaton)
and Nicholas Chamberlaine Comprehensive School (Bedworth)
1994 – 1991  Teacher Training (for secondary modern school): English and Biology; Pädagogische Akademie des Bundes, Linz
1990 Matura (A-levels)
1990 – 1982Akademisches Gymnasium Linz  (grammar school)