The case of paint

Modern paints have incorporated nanoparticles because they convey properties that improve the quality of the product. For instance, titanium and silver nanoparticles have been added to act as fire retardents or as thermo-insulators. Furthermore, nanoparticles in paint can be exploited for their ability to modify colors to specified hues or produce water-repelling, or hydrophobic, materials.

The case of paint

Nanos’ in clothes?

The clothing industry is taking advantage of the remarkable properties that nanoparticles offer. In some sports clothes, copper or silver nanoparticles have been incorporated in order to prevent or reduce unpleasant odours that can appear after use. In specific, these nanoparticles inhibit bacterial growth and, thus, reduce the smell, which is indeed derived from bacterial metabolic products.

Nanos in clothes

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