Academic achievements

Member of the Scientific Committee for the MaterialsWeek 2024

MaterialsWeek 2024

Strategic R&I for the Value Chains of the Future

MaterialsWeek 2024 aims to bring together – for the first time – the numerous small and large Research and Innovation (R&I) communities that are driving advances in materials innovation manifested across diverse value chains and industrial markets.

By addressing all materials application sectors and R&I communities concerned with the (re-)discovery, identification, improvement, handling, processing, manufacturing, (re-)use and recycling of materials, MaterialsWeek 2024 provides a cross-disciplinary meeting venue for communication and collaboration over and beyond traditional community boundaries. The aim of the meeting is to combine insights, theories, and methods from different fields to address complex issues. In addition, the meeting will emphasise the fluidity of disciplinary boundaries and encourage the free flow of ideas and methods between different fields. This convergence aims to ultimately foster the best joint R&I approaches for meeting today’s challenges and innovation requirements, including, but not limited to, more sustainability, circularity and resilience in materials’ uses, higher reliability and efficiency in both R&I and sustainability assessment and safety testing of materials.

MaterialsWeek 2024 will highlight and address all relevant R&I aspects along different materials innovation chains, including from up-stream pre-competitive basic research to end-of-life, highlighting and elaborating solutions to the challenges arising in the context of the overarching policies (e.g. EU Green Deal, Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), Chips Act, Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), Bioeconomy Strategy, Critical Raw Material Act, to name but a few), and their targets (e.g. the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), decarbonisation).

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Editor of special issue in „Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal: Nanoscience & Advanced Materials“

Special issue

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Expert Panel Work

  • Member of the  Nano-Information Commission (NIK), Österreichisches Bundesministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Pflege, Konsumentenschutz

Kurt Zopf Preis 2022 for most excellent Publication in Natural, Life & Medical Sciences at PLUS

Kurt Zopf Awardees 2022
Vice-Rector Research Nicola Huesing with Kurt Zopf Awardees Martin Himly (Natural-Life-Medical Sci), Kerstin Hödlmoser (Social Sci), Andreas Uhl (Digital Sci) and Vice-Rector Teaching Martin Weichbold at the Night of excellence, Bibliotheksaula Hofstallgasse Salzburg Foto: Andreas Kolarik/Herbert Rohrer, 29.11.2023

Scientific Committee Work for International Conferences & Training Events

conference photo

Martin Himly (sitting second from the left) was acting as speaker, session chair, moderator of a panel discussion on SSbD for industry, trainer and member of the scientific committee at the 8th International Conference on Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues related to Nanomaterials in Grenoble, France, in June 2023.

More than 300 participants attendeed the 4 days of interactive program. Lars Montelius, the Co-Chair for Research of the European  Advanced Materials Initiative 2030 is sitting as third from the right.


participants    photo assembly

…Ben Punz, Yingnan Liu, Su Li, and Magdalena Weiss gave oral presentations on their projects:

Ben  Yingnan  Su  Magdalena

impressions from nano school

From 15th to 20th May 2022, Martin Himly co-organized the nano training school in Venice. The school covered a variety of subjects, such as physicochemical characterisation techniques, safe-and-sustainable-by-design methodologies for nanomaterials, risk governance, and FAIR data management.

Norbert Hoffstätter and Sabine Hofer, in addition to Martin Himly, participated as experts in the training programme.

Editorial and Reviewer Activities

  • Editorial Board Member of Allergy – European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (impact factor 13.15)
  • Referee for the international scientific journals: ACS Nano (IF=13.9), Particle and Fibre Toxicology (IF=9.2), NanoScale (IF=7.8), Environmental Science:Nano (IF=7.2), Allergy (IF=13.15), J Controlled Release (IF=7.9), Nanotoxicology (IF=6.0), Molecular Medicine (IF=5.9), Frontiers in Immunology (IF=5.7), Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine (IF=5.7), Nutrients (IF= 4.2), Nanomedicine – Future Medicine (IF= 4.8), J. Nanobiotechnology (IF=5.3), Nanomaterials (IF= 4,4), Molecular Nutrition and Food Research (IF=4.4), Nature Scientific Reports (IF=4.1), Chemical research in Toxicology (IF=3.3),  RSC Advances (IF=3.1), Cancer Medicine (IF=2.5), Tumor Biology (IF=3.6), Molecular Immunology (IF=3.2), Journal of Virological Methods (IF=2.1), Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (IF=3.2), World Allergy Journal (IF=3.7), International Archives of Allergy and Immunology (IF=2.5), J. Nanopart. Res. (IF=2.1), Langmuir (IF=4.0), Ital. J. Pediatrics (IF=1.7), SynLett (IF=2.3)
  • Referee for the UK Medical Research Council (MRC), the Paracelsus Medical University Research Fund (PMU), and for Scientific & Technological Cooperation (WTZ) project grants of the OeAD – BMWFW

Prizes and Awards

  • Sep 2023    Kurt Zopf Preis 2022 for the most outstanding publication in 2019 – 2021 at the PLUS in the fields of medicine, natural and technical sciences. More information here.
  • Feb 2022    Outstanding Reviewer 2021 Award by Environmental Sciences: Nano, Royal Society of Chemistry. Full list  here. outstanding ESN reviewer

Outstanding reviewer 2021 Certificate by RSC

  • May 2012     Award of the Membership of Honor of the Cuban Immunological Society
  • Sep 2005    VWR-ÖGBM Prize 2005
  • Mar 2003    Mortimer Sackler Award 2002