GG 1 Gabriele Gadermaier, MSc, PhD
Head of Molecular and Food Allergy

Biosciences and Medical Biology, Paris Lodron University Salzburg
Hellbrunnerstraße 34, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 662 8044 5701


Our team is dedicated to various research areas in the field of allergies. Our main research interests include:

  1. Identification of novel allergen molecules from pollen and plant food sources: We are constantly searching for new molecules that can trigger allergies, whether they originate from pollen, food or other sources.
  2. Structural and immunological characterization of allergenic molecules and biologics: We investigate the structures and immune responses triggered by these molecules to gain a better understanding of allergenic and biopharmaceutical responses.
  3. Identification of new applications in allergy diagnosis and therapies: Our research aims to develop innovative approaches for molecular allergy diagnosis and advanced treatment options.
  4. Identification of environmental influences on allergy development: We explore how environmental factors can influence allergies to describe preventive measures.
  5. Development of allergy prediction tools for risk assessment of novel foods: We are working on tools to assess allergy risks associated with novel foods.
  6. Recombinant protein production service: Our team offers services for the production of recombinant proteins that are valuable in biotechnology research.
  7. Engagement in citizen science and school projects: We take pride in leading and supporting citizen science projects as well as school initiatives to promote awareness of allergies in society.

Our work contributes to deepening the understanding of allergies and finding new avenues for diagnosis and therapy. We are proud to work at the intersection of science, technology, medicine and society to improve the well-being of people.

Learn more about our research and activities on our website, and stay updated on our current projects and developments. Thank you for your interest in our work.