Neurocognition Lab


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Current third-party funded research projects

Word recognition in natural reading with parafoveal preview (P25799-B23)
Projektleitung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Florian Hutzler
Projektsumme: € 344.631,-
Finanzierung durch: FWF
Laufzeit/Beginn: 01.08.2013 – 31.07.2015
Dyslexia: Longitudinal Study of Brain Dysfunctions (P 23219-B18)
Projektleitung: Dr. Martin Kronbichler
Projektsumme: € 299.397,-
Finanzierung durch: FWF
Laufzeit/Beginn: 01.09.2011 – 31.09.2013
Network analysis of functional connectivity in patients with a disorder of consciousness (E-10/12/062-KRO)
Projektleitung: Dr. Martin Kronbichler
Projektsumme: € 44.650,-
Finanzierung durch: Scientific Funds of the Paracelsus Private Medical University
Laufzeit/Beginn: 01.06.2011 – 31.09.2014
Examining voluntary brain activation as diagnostic criterion to distinguish patients with preserved consciousness from vegetative-state patients (14201)
Projektleitung: Dr. Eugen Trinka & Dr. Martin Kronbichler
Projektsumme: € 72.000,- + € 14.400,- Add on Paracelsus Private Medical University
Finanzierung durch: Jubiläumsfonds of the National Bank of Austria
Laufzeit/Beginn: 0101.2011 – 31.09.2014

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