Please note the information below:
  • Regulations for use
  • Fee regulations

    The implementation of the already announced online payment system at the University Library Salzburg is completed.From now on, payments of overdue fines, interlibrary loan fees, etc. will only be made via ATM terminals at the following library locations:

    • Hauptbibliothek Hofstallgasse
    • Teilbibliothek Alte Residenz (Archäologie)
    • Teilbibliothek Firmian-Salm-Haus
    • Teilbibliothek Rudolfskai
    • Teilbibliothek Freisaal
    • Teilbibliothek Schloss Rif
    • Teilbibliothek Toskanatrakt
    • Teilbibliothek Unipark
    • Teilbibliothek Wallistrakt