Fees are charged for exceeding the loan period of borrowed works. These fees consist of the following two items:

1) Dunning fee:

  • This amounts to € 2.00 per reminder. In the case of a reminder, several books may be affected.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd reminder will be sent by e-mail, the 3rd reminder will also be sent by mail.
  • The amount is also due if the 3rd reminder has not yet been delivered due to the postal route.
  • No further reminders will be sent after the 3rd reminder has been delivered. If the outstanding books are not returned within a week after receiving the 3rd reminder, your library account will be blocked and the case will be forwarded to the Financial Procurator’s Office.

2) Overdue fee:

  • The overdue fee is € 0.20 cents per book per day of overdue (including closing days) and is only charged after the book has been returned.
  • An overview of your provisional (because the real overrun fees will only become apparent after the book return) open fees can be found after logging in to UBsearch under the menu item “My account”.

Please note that from now on the payment of open fees will be made online via ATM terminals.

Note regarding reminder emails:

  • As a service, you will receive a reminder email 2 days before the loan period expires.
  • The University Library assumes no responsibility in case of delays in the mail delivery or if the reminder mail was not delivered for technical reasons.