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Preparing your presentation

In addition to the classical abstract (one page pdf in letter or A4 format) there will be three ways to present your work:
  • Plenary talk (10 min)
  • the pre-recorded three-minute video (mp4 format)
  • the poster (pdf format)
(i)  Plenary talks must be scheduled for 10 min. There will be 5 min discussion on top. Standard powerpoint(-like) formats will work.

We aim to provide the possibility of a plenary talk to everybody but can confirm that only by February 8, 2022 (you will receive a confirmation mail).

We encourage all participants to prepare in addition a three-minute video and a poster: (ii) The pre-recorded video must be in mp4 format; must not exceed a size limit of 50 MByte; and you want to stick to the three minutes time limit – unless you are fishing for a deeply red Fritzi (nobody wants that). The pre-recorded video is essentially a flash-talk that you record for instance with zoom. Lacking the physical presence of a classical meeting, we encourage you to introduce yourself with a photo.  Importantly, please obey to the rule that less can be more – which might even bestow a green Fritzi on you (everybody wants that!) (iii) The poster must be in pdf format, landscape orientation; must not exceed a size limit of 10 Mbyte; must not be cluttered up with text (red Fritzi!), but should rather be like a graphical abstract of your work. Attendants of your poster session are encouraged to look at your poster to aid your discussion. Therefore, we recommend you to label figures/tables of your poster; that way you can unambiguously refer to them, e.g., figure 1, 2 etc.