PhD theses:

  • 2018 to on-going: Lisa Pointner, MSc
  • 2018 to on-going: Litty Johnson, MSc (co-supervised)
  • 2021 to on-going: Amin Kraiem, MSc
  • 2021 to on-going: Mario Wenger, MSc
  • 2022 to on-going: Erica Pelamatti, MSc


Master theses:

  • 2021: Hannah Lena Widauer, on-going
  • 2021: Markus Klotz, on-going
  • 2021: Glorismer Pena-Castellanos, on-going
  • 2021: Maria Antonia Stigler, on-going
  • 2021: Fabian Richter, BSc, Title of thesis: „The role of IL-4 signaling in innate immune cells upon birch pollen stimulation“
  • 2021: Mario Wenger, BSc, Title of thesis: „Cytokine and immunoglobulin profiling of nasal secretions and sera of allergic patients in course of a birch pollen AIT clinical trial“
  • 2021: Amin Kraiem, BSc, Title of thesis: „Immunomodulatory effects of aqueous birch pollen extracts on dendritic cells and their modulation by IL-10 and TGF-β1 mimetic peptides“
  • 2020: Michael Thaler, BSc, Title of thesis: „Birch pollen extract-derived compounds in toll-like receptor 4 mediated interaction with the innate immune system“
  • 2020: Michael Wiederstein, BSc, Title of thesis: „NMR spectrometry reveals differences in the metabolic fingerprint between commercially available birch pollen and pollen harvested from individual Austrian/German birch trees (Betula verrucosa)“
  • 2018: Melanie Grün, BSc, Title of thesis: „Induction of cross-reactive antibodies by a hypoallergenic vaccinecandidate for AIT of birch pollen allergy and associated food allergies“