Jutta Horejs-Hoeck

Funding-Akquise kumuliert: ca. € 2 900 000

Dauer der FörderungFördergeber, Förderungs-ID und Projekttitel
Aktuell geförderte Projekte
2021-2025The NLRP3/eiF2 axis in AML
Austrian Science Fund
Grant ID: P33969
2021-2023Effects of NPepZn on the immune system
EVER Neuropharma
2021-2023 CCS II-IOS: The microenvironment in acute myeloid leukemia
Cancer Cluster/Bundesland Salzburg
2020-2024 Directing the immune response through designed nanomaterials (DIRNANO)
EU Horizon 2020 ITN
Grant ID: 956544
2019-2022 Epigenetics of Immunity in Cancer (EPIC)
EU Horizon 2020 Interreg V-A Italia-Austria (co-applicant, PI)
2019-2022 Quantitative detection of bacgerial endotoxin by novel nanotechnological approaches (ENDONANO)
EU Horizon 2020
Grant ID: 812661
2018-2022NLRs in type 2 inflammation
Austrian Science Fund
Grant ID: W1213
Bisher geförderte Projekte
2017-2020Canster Cluster Salzburg
Tumor-microenvironment in AML
2017-2020Austrian Science Fund
Grant ID: P29941
NOD1 controls tolerogenic DCs
2016-2020EVER Neuropharma
Anti-inflammatory effects of Cerebrolysin
2014-2018Austria Science Fund
Grant ID: 25696
Signaling crosstalk between NOD2 and IL-31
2015-2016      AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship
Grant ID: AI0615_P
NOD1 counteracts anti-inflammatory effects mediated by IL-10
2011-2015Austrian Science FundGrant ID: P23933
IL-31 regulates DC-mediated T cell responses in the course of atopic dermatitis
2009-2013Austrian Science Fund
Grant ID: P23933
The role of IL-31/IL-31R interactions in dendritic cells for the activation of human T cells



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