Application process

All necessary Erasmus+ documents are provided under Documents/Links

For mobilities to CIVIS partner universities: visit the CIVIS Homepage

The application process consists of three steps:

  1. Internal application at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) – where you could go to:
     Contact the responsible departmental coordinator at the respective department in order to apply for a place at the partner university within the Erasmus+ Program or Swiss European Mobility Program (SEMP).

    For available Erasmus+ or Swiss cooperations at the respective department/centre see HERE

    Each coordinator determines the criteria for the allocation of places him/herself and is also responsible for your nomination to the partner university.
    Whether you need any other obligatory documents depends on your field of study. For this purpose, check the website of your institute. If there is no information available online, please contact your Erasmus coordinator for information on application documents. He/she will then also be responsible for reviewing the application and nominating/allocating places.

    Deadlines for Nomination:
    Please note that your department at PLUS may have its own nomination deadlines – check these with your department!
    Nomination deadlines at the host universities may precede these deadlines – therefore check the nomination deadlines at the host institutions and contact your Erasmus coordinator in a timely manner.

  2. Application at the host university:
    Please note that the partner universities have their own application forms that need to be filled out as well. You can find these forms as well as information about the corresponding submission deadlines on the homepage of the partner university or the E+ coordinator will inform you directly. Please be aware of the different application deadlines of the different universities!
  3. Application for Erasmus status and scholarship:
    As soon as you know that you have been accepted at the partner university, you can apply for the Erasmus scholarship or Erasmus status at the International Relations Office. To do so, use the application forms listed below. These forms must be completed and signed and returned to the International Relations Office by June 15 (for stays in the following winter semester) or November 15 (for stays in the summer semester).

NOTE: Currently, applications for an Erasmus scholarship in the academic year 2023/24 are recorded in paper form. A transition to pure online format will take place as soon as the tool MOBILITY ONLINE is finally available.

Until further notice, the application is still done exclusively with paper documents by submitting the following documents:

  • Part 1: Erasmus+ application from Salzburg to abroad: application form > signature nomination from the E+ coordinator at the respective department of the partnership (see Erasmus+/SEMP place list)
  • Part 2: Learning Agreement Section A – Vor Aufenthalt /Before Mobility > Signature of: a) Applicant; b) Responsible body at the study commision; c) Responsible person at the host university
  • applicants for Top Up Green Travel:signed Declaration on Honour
  • Proof of residency in Austria or nearby Germany (“Meldezettel”) not older than 3 months!
    (For residence in Salzburg see  Meldeservice Stadt Salzburg)
    ATTENTION: For a planned Erasmus mobility to your own home country, a proof of residence in Austria is mandatory! Otherwise no eligibility for Erasmus funding!
  • PLUS Enrolment form/registration document (Inskriptionsbestätigung; via PLUSonline)

Make sure that the documents are complete and that all required signatures/departmental stamps are obtained! Submit all three of the above documents, complete and signed by all parties, to the International Relations Office:

SEE also:


Deadline for submission of application documents to the International Relations Department:

  • 15. June (for stays in the following winter semester)
  • 15. November (for stays in the following summer semester)

Further notes: “Program students” are students who participate in the ERASMUS+ program within approved student flows under an approved university contract. Funding for stays abroad is available as part of full-time studies and for the preparation and completion of master’s/diploma theses and dissertations. Stays after the completion of a PhD are not eligible for funding.

[Not possible in the moment: completion of registration steps in Mobility Online:
The nomination for the Erasmus+ place takes place via the online tool Mobility Online and is done by the Erasmus coordinator(s). Therefore, please make sure to be nominated in time.The following documents must be uploaded in your online application via Mobility Online:

Study Placements

The available cooparations and places of your department can be found on the Erasmus+/SEMP place list (Erasmus coordinator is listed next to the respective place).

Austrian Students Union fee (ÖH-Beitrag)/Insurance

The ÖH fee must be paid in time in order to remain enrolled at PLUS during the semester abroad. Otherwise you will be automatically de-registered (exmatriculated).

By paying the ÖH fee, you as an ÖH member are automatically covered by accident and liability insurance for activities in the context of your studies. This also applies at the partner institution. Information and details under  ÖH-Services

You are also responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient insurance cover when abroad. Which services are covered by the e-card (Austrian Health insurance card) you should discuss with your insurance provider. 

[Create application in Mobility Online

(currently not yet possible – as of March 2023)

To create an application in Mobility Online, you will receive the registration link after your Erasmus coordinator has nominated you. Attention: In order to apply, you must have a valid enrollment in the field of study. You set the field of study you want to apply for only during the application process (step Add application information). If you have enrolled in more than one field of study, another one of your fields of study may be displayed as long as you have not completed the corresponding step in Mobility Online.

After logging in, you can create an application. You will then receive a registration link by email, which you must use to log into Mobility Online. Then you add further information to the application and upload the application documents. Instructions on how to apply in Mobility Online will follow here shortly.

You can temporarily save your application, it is not necessary to create the application in one step. However, please note the application deadlines!

Links to Mobility Online:(Do not use the application link below if you want to create an application for an Erasmus+ internship! There is a separate link here).

  • Registration link: You will receive the registration link by email after you have been nominated by your Erasmus coordinator. This link is only valid once and cannot be used for later logins.
  • Login after successful registration: Use this link if you have already created an application and want to view or edit it further

Problems with the application :

If you have problems with logging in again (if, for example, a new application form is displayed again), please first close all browser windows completely or use a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome).

If you continue to have problems, try the following:

  • Make sure you are using the correct link to log in (the registration link sent via email cannot be used for subsequent logins).
  • Make sure you are logging into the correct login window.
  • Make sure that you log in with your student account (logins with staff accounts are not possible!).
  • Make sure that you have entered your password correctly (e.g. upper and lower case letters).
  • If you have any further problems, please contact us by email at . Please send a screenshot including explanations.


Registration at the host university

After receiving the official registration link, you will need to complete 2 separate administrative steps (these can run in parallel):

  • Upload of the documents in Mobility Online
  • Independent and timely registration at the host university

Tips for registering at the host university

Your Erasmus coordinator will forward your nomination to the partner university as soon as possible. Usually, the university will contact you by email and send you information on how to register. However, do not wait for this email, but check in advance which documents you need for the application and by when you have to apply (“application deadline”). If you still have not heard from your host university 2 weeks before the application deadline, contact the International Office of the host university!

  • Confirmation of nomination: some universities additionally require a written confirmation of nomination that you have been nominated for an Erasmus+ place. The International Office will issue nomination confirmations upon request.
  • Signature of forms: if you need a signature on a form for the registration at the host university (institutional coordinator/Erasmus+ coordinator), this can usually be done at the International Office. Exception: if the signature of “departmental/academic coordinator” is explicitly required – then your mobility coordinator is responsible.
  • Erasmus+ Code and Subject Area Code: Erasmus+ Code of the University of Salzburg: A SALZBUR01; Subject Area Code/ISCED Code: depending on the field of study, a list can be found here.

Erasmus+ Status

Agreement with the University of Salzburg (Except mobilities to UK)

By signing the Grant Agreement, the University of Salzburg grants you the Erasmus+ status for your Erasmus+ stay.

Through the Erasmus+ status, you will have your tuition fees waived for the duration of your stay (both at the University of Salzburg and at the host university). You will also receive an Erasmus+ grant for your stay.

An absolute requirement for the Erasmus+ status is that you sign the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement. This agreement will be made available for download in Mobility Online at the earliest 20 days before the start of your stay. You have to sign the agreement (preferably with mobile signature!) and upload it again in Mobility Online.

Attention! If you do not submit the agreement, your Erasmus+ status will be withdrawn and you will also lose your entitlement to tuition fee waiver as well as to the Erasmus+ grant.

For more information on the Erasmus+ grant, please see “Financial Support”.

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) – EU Academy

Preparatory online language test

  • Mandatory for all E+ scholarship holders at the beginning of the mobility; exception: native speakers
  • Open platform; no more licensing
  • To join, E+ students have to create an EU login account – after that one or more language tests as well as language courses can be taken.
  • Currently there are tests in all 24 EU languages plus 50 hours of content in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, plus 3 hours in another 18 languages. In the coming months, more languages (up to 29) and more content in existing languages will be added.
  • Result of the test has no impact on receiving the E+ scholarship.
  • ATTENTION: NO payment of the first instalment of the E+ scholarship without completion of the OLS (except for native speakers) – proof must be provided.
  • E+ students will receive a link and information before the start of their mobility


Personal data is confidential and will be processed in accordance with the relevant federal laws only to the extent necessary for your application and participation in the Erasmus+ program.

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