Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement (LA) is the central document for every Erasmus+ stay.In the Learning Agreement you specify which courses you would like to attend at the host university. At the same time, you determine which courses are to be recognized at PLUS together with the Curriculum Commision at your department (CuKo). The Learning Agreement must be signed by all three parties (students, Curriculum Commission or the body responsible for recognition issues at the faculty, host university).

In order to receive an Erasmus+ grant, a minimum requirement of 3 recognized ECTS credits per month of stay applies. Please note that the host university may additionally set its own minimum or maximum requirements for the number of ECTS credits.

NOTE: Currently, applications for an Erasmus scholarship in the SJ 2023/24 are recorded in parallel in paper form and later online. A changeover to pure online format will take place as soon as the Mobility Tool is finally available. Therefore, the processing will still be done exclusively with paper documents.

Therefore, please use the following document until further notice:Part 2: Learning Agreement Section A – Vor Aufenthalt /Before Mobility > Signature of: a) Applicant; b) Responsible body at the faculty for recognition issues; c) Responsible person at the host university.

Make sure that the documents are complete and that all required signatures/departmental stamps are present!Submit the LA together with the other documents completely signed by all parties to the Department of International Relations.

All necessary Erasmus documents are provided under Documents/Links



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