Applications for the United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom left the EU on 31.01.2020 and is legally no longer a member of the European Union. However, the withdrawal agreement stipulates that the UK will participate in the Erasmus+ programme in the 2020 application round without any changes. Therefore, and due to the contractual provisions between the European Commission and the UK, the following applies to the PLUS and its UK Erasmus partners:
Erasmus exchanges with all currently existing partnerships in the UK are possible, provided that the stay is completed by 31 May 2023 at the latest. The minimum duration of stay of 3 months for an Erasmus stay for study purposes must be adhered to here, which is prescribed for an Erasmus scholarship.

Trimester rule (for stays in the UK): Only if the academic year at the host university is divided into trimesters, you complete a trimester and this is shorter than 3 full months, your stay may also be shorter than 3 months; in this case you must provide confirmation of the actual semester dates (e.g. from the International Office).

NOTE: Erasmus+ funding within this framework is only possible subject to the available budget.
UPDATE (19.05.2022): For Erasmus mobility in the UK, a full funding commitment is currently possible, provided the application criteria are met!

Should a planned stay in the UK extend beyond 31.05.2023, this is possible in principle (after consultation with the respective partner university), but will no longer be funded through this programme. Funding programmes and opportunities beyond this are currently the subject of negotiations. Current information on travel regulations can be found on the pages of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Information on visas and insurance in the UK can be found on our homepage under NEWS.

The application process consists of three steps:

  • Internal application at the University of Salzburg: Apply for a place at the partner university to the relevant academic ERASMUS coordinator at the respective department (see Erasmus+/SEMP Place List). Use the E+ application form part 1. Each coordinator determines the criteria for the allocation of places and is also responsible for your nomination at the partner university. Whether you need any further obligatory documents depends on your field of study. Please check the website of your institute. If there is no information available online, please contact your Erasmus coordinator for information about the application documents. He/she will then also be responsible for reviewing the application and nominating/allocating places.
    ATTENTION: Nomination deadlines at the host universities may precede these deadlines – therefore, please research the nomination deadlines at the host institutions and contact your Erasmus coordinator in time.
  • Application at the host university: Please note that the partner universities have their own application forms which have to be filled in additionally. You can find these forms as well as information about the relevant submission deadlines on the homepage of the partner university or the E+ coordinator will inform you directly. Please note the different application deadlines of the different universities!
  • Application for Erasmus status and scholarship: As soon as you know that you have been accepted at the partner university, you can apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship at the International Relations Office. To do so, use the application forms below. These forms must be completed and signed and returned to the International Relations Office. For deadlines see below.


Make sure that the documents are complete and that all required signatures/departmental stamps are obtained! Submit all three of the above documents, complete and signed by all parties, to the International Relations Office:

  • by mail: Department of International Relations, Attn: Mariane Wonneberger, Kapitelgasse 4-6, 5020 Salzburg.


Deadline for submitting application documents for a planned Erasmus study stay in the UK to the International Relations Office

  • 15 June 2022 for stays in winter semester 2022/23
  • 15 November 2022 for summer semester 2023

    NOTE: The last date of funding through Erasmus+ grant is May 31st 2023!

For further steps, please also see the Erasmus+ checklist for stays in the UK.

Erasmus+ status

For mobilities to the UK: Agreement with the OeAD-GmbH

The OeAD (Österreichischer Austauschdienst)-GmbH is the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research. OeAD-GmbH will grant you Erasmus+ status for your Erasmus+ stay. Read the OeAD-GmbH  information sheet to find out which requirements you have to fulfil.

The Erasmus+ status means that your tuition fees will be waived for the duration of your stay (both at the University of Salzburg and at the host university). In addition, you will receive an Erasmus+ grant from the OeAD for the duration of your stay.

An absolute prerequisite for the Erasmus+ status is that you sign the Erasmus+ grant agreement. This agreement will be made available to you for download in the OeAD database  Students Online at the earliest 20 days before the start of your stay. You have to hand in the agreement in duplicate, signed by you, in the original to the Erasmus Unit of the OeAD-GmbH.

Susanna Steiner
Erasmus-Referat Innsbruck | Erasmus Office Innsbruck
6020 Innsbruck | Meinhardstraße 5/III
Tel. +43 660 4544199

Attention! If you do not submit the agreement with OeAD-GmbH, your Erasmus+ status will be withdrawn and you will also lose your entitlement to tuition fee waiver as well as to the Erasmus+ grant. Therefore, please make sure to hand in the agreement to the Erasmus Unit of OeAD-GmbH in due time before the beginning of your stay. Also submit your Confirmation of stay AFTER mobility to the OeAD for the payment of the second instalment.

Further information on the Erasmus+ grant can be found on the  Erasmus homepage of the OeAD.

In principle, 30 ECTS have to be completed per semester. The repayment limit for the Erasmus+ grant depends on the duration of the stay, but is at least 3 ECTS per month of stay (the ECTS recognised at the University of Salzburg are relevant here!).

The grant for study visits in the UK amounts to approx. 480 € per month (exact grant amounts for 2021/22 can be found  here). You will receive 80% of the total grant already at the beginning of your stay (after signing the agreement). You will receive the remaining 20% (possibly with a deduction per day if your stay was shorter than originally stated according to the confirmation of stay) after your stay after you have submitted the  confirmation of stay to the OeAD.

Recipients of study grants (Studienbeihilfe) can also apply for foreign grants (Auslandsbeihilfe) at the Scholarship Office (Stipendienstelle).

Information on Visa/Travelling/Insurance

See this Homepage under NEWS

Tuition fees

During your Erasmus+ stay you are exempt from tuition fees at the University of Salzburg and at the host university.Attention: During your stay abroad you have to pay the ÖH-fee in accordance with the deadline (!) – otherwise you will be exmatriculated!Some host universities charge Erasmus+ Incomings amounts similar to the ÖH fee – you cannot be exempted from these fees.

A leave of absence at the University of Salzburg is not possible during a semester abroad. Students who study at several universities at the same time must in any case report the planned stay abroad to every other university if they want to maintain their admission.

The exemption from tuition fees is only valid for the period of the stay abroad. A stay abroad completed within this period does not lead to a later exemption from tuition fees.An Erasmus+ stay abroad does not extend the number of tolerance semesters! After completion of the minimum period of study + 2 tolerance semesters, the tuition fee must be paid.For recipients of the Austrian “Studienbeihilfe”, an extension of the tolerance semesters can be applied for under certain conditions and if announced in time. The contact person for this is the scholarship office ( Stipendienstelle).

The receipt of family allowance, on the other hand, could possibly be extended by one semester due to an Erasmus+ stay. Please contact the tax office directly!

Recipients of study grants (Studienbeihilfe)

Recipients of study grants (Studienbeihilfe) can also apply to the Scholarship Office (Stipendienstelle) for a study abroad grant (“Auslandsbeihilfe“). Simultaneous receiving of study abroad grant and Erasmus+ grant for the same stay is allowed as of the academic year 2019/20. Here you can find  information on the amount of the study abroad grant as well as the travel grant.

Please note that as a recipient of a study abroad grant, you must submit a transcript of records to the Scholarship Office after completing your stay abroad (again, the minimum requirement of 3 ECTS per month of stay applies), otherwise you will have to repay the entire study abroad grant. The study grant (“Inlandsbeihilfe”) itself is not affected by this.

Financial Top-Ups

In addition to the Erasmus+ grant, further financial support (top-ups) can be applied for:

  • Students with fewer opportunities: please note that this top-up can only be applied for once, even if you fall into more than one of the above groups:
    • Students with children in need of care who will be taken to the study/internship site
    • Students with disabilities, if this results in increased financial expenses during the stay abroad (compared to the stay in Austria)
    • Students with chronic illness, if this results in increased financial expenses during the stay abroad (compared to the stay in Austria)
  • Inclusion support: if the Top-Up for students with fewer opportunities is not sufficient, Erasmus+ participants with disabilities or chronic illness can apply for inclusion support instead.

For more information on the Top-Ups, please see the respective items.

Top-Up: Students with child

If you are doing an Erasmus+ study stay/internship together with your child/children, you can apply for the Top-Up for students with fewer opportunities in the amount of 250 euros per month. The application process takes place during the application for the E+ scholarship.

Top-Up: Students with a disability or chronic illness

Students with a disability or chronic illness can apply for the Top-Up for students with fewer opportunities in the amount of 250 euros per month. The application process takes place during the application for the E+ scholarship.

Inclusion support

If the Top-Up is not sufficient for students with fewer opportunities, students with a disability or chronic illness can apply for inclusion support instead. This does not provide a lump sum, but is intended to cover the actual additional costs incurred as a result of the disability or chronic illness. Deadline for application: three months before the start of the stay.

Other helpful links for students with physical, mental or health impairments:

Data protection

Personal data are confidential and will be processed in accordance with the respective federal laws only to the extent necessary for your application and participation in the Erasmus+ program.

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