Photo Nadine ZWIENER-COLLINS, Dr., MSc

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 18, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 (0) 662 / 8044-6612

Office hours: by appointment

Nadine Zwiener-Collins is interested in politics and gender, as well as broader questions of equality and diversity. Her research examines how the political behaviour and attitudes of citizens and politicians in Europe is affected by the (gender) inequalities in other areas of life, such as the labour market and the family. Together with Prof. Zoe Lefkofridi they investigate questions about the causes for and consequences of unequal political participation and representation.

Nadine Zwiener-Collins joined the Department of Political Science as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Politics & Gender, Diversity & Equality in April 2021. Before joining the University of Salzburg, she was a Lecturer (Teaching) at the Social Research Institute at University College London (UCL), where she taught quantitative research methods and data analysis to social science students.

Zwiener-Collins holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany), a Master’s degree in Political Sociology from the London School of Economics (LSE), and a PhD from City, University of London. During her doctoral studies, she worked as a Research Assistant on an ESRC-funded project on societal wellbeing at the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys and as a Teaching Assistant for the Departments of Sociology and International Politics at City, University of London.