Publication Fund

For gold journals (fully open access journal), an application for financial support can be submitted via the University Library’s Publication Fund.

Due to high demand the Open Access Publishing Fund is already exhausted for 2023 (as of August 2023). Applications will be accepted again from 01.01.2024.
Open access publications under publishing agreements (except Frontiers and MDPI) are not affected.

For which types of publication can you apply for financial support for open access publishing via the publication fund?

  • Journal articles
  • Articles in edited volumes
  • Monographs and edited volumes
  • Gold open access journals published at Paris Lodron University Salzburg (fully open access journals)

Funding requirements

Click here for the complete funding guidelines.

Application form for publication funding for articles, monographs and anthologies
Please send your application together with the abstract, preprint or the accepted manuscript of the publication as well as the application form to .

Funding of Gold Open Access journals published at PLUS

Applications can be made for existing or planned journals. The funding conditions can be found in the funding guidelines for journals.

Please contact for details

Applications are assessed according to formal aspects by the University Library. If the formal requirements are fulfilled, funding applications will be considered in the order in which they are received and in accordance with the financial resources of the publication fund.

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