Shadrack Mwakalinga

Fachbereich School of Education (SoE)
Hauptbetreuerin Univ.-Prof. DDr. Ulrike Greiner
Nebenbetreuer Univ.-Prof. Dr. Burkhard Gniewosz
Beginn WS 2019
Thema der Dissertation Free Education Policy and Educational Justice


Education is a fundamental right for every child in the World and is the foundation for human capital as well as for a person’s independence. Making education possible through implementing free education policy is essentially valid in many countries. Since 2016, Tanzania is implementing free education policy in secondary schools. However, studies show that policies are implemented inconsistently due to factors influencing the implementation process. This study will investigate factors influencing the implementation of free education policy in relation to educational justice in secondary schools in Tanzania. The areas of focus will be teachers’ attitudes, teachers’ perceptions, students‘ views, and the funds supporting the implementation of the policy. A survey research design will be used as methodology and data will be collected through interviews, focus group discussions, and questionnaires. The findings will outline suggestions to the government on what to improve, restructure, and change for enhancing future implementation processes.


seit 2019: PhD-Student in Teacher Education
2013 bis 2015: Master of Education C&I (Curriculum and Instruction)
2007 bis 2010: Bachelor Degree in Science Education
2002 bis 2004: Diploma in Education


Justice in Education
Implementation of Educational Policies