BSc Geography

The subject of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Geography is the scientific subject of geography with its natural and social science perspectives on the spatial organisation of society, the economy and the environment. Quantitative and qualitative methods develop and communicate knowledge about fundamental subject areas of the subject and enable the understanding of social and natural processes in a spatial perspective.

Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

The goal of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Geography at the University of Salzburg is the qualification to record and analyse the spatiality of physical, social, economic, gender-specific and cultural processes and structures as well as their interactions.
The spatial perspective is implemented in terms of content and method at different scale levels. A multi-paradigmatic approach is taught. The students can focus in terms of content and / or method through optional in-depth modules and through the orientation of the Bachelor’s thesis on physical or human geography topics.

Detailed information about the programme and the curriculum can be found here!