GIS Minor

The integration and analysis of spatial data play an important role in many many disciplines as a “spatial interface to the information society.” The GIS Minor and the Geographical Information Systems are highly sought-after methodological additional methodological qualifications that are in high demand. The focus is on the processing, analysis and communication of spatial data with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Z_GIS Map Hands-On

Target group and outcome

The GIS Minor is aimed at students from disciplines in which the analysis of spatial data is useful. These subjects include ecology, environmental sciences, and social and economic sciences. Additionally, students of technical subjects such as computer science are targeted to combine technical knowledge with domain knowledge. Depending on the course combination, certificates can be earned for the basic module, for the supplementary study module, or for geoinformatics as a major.

For detailed information about the GIS Minor, please contact Dr. Manfred Mittlböck!