MSc Applied Geoinformatics

Geoinformatics is considered the methodology based on concepts from Geographic Information Science, implemented in Geographic Information Systems. “GIS” today are widely used as tools in all domains and disciplines based on geospatial information: Ecology and Conservation, Surveying and Mapping, Agriculture and Forestry, Planning and Zoning, Geology and Resource Management, Risk and Disaster Management, Local Government and many others.

MSc Applied Geoinformatics Image

This study program in Geoinformatics qualifies graduates to join a growing field at the intersection of digital technologies and spatial sciences. ‘Everything that happens, happens somewhere‘ – location is vital for managing societies, environments and economies. The concepts of Digital Earth connect the real and virtual worlds through the ‘Power of Where‘, offering access to stimulating and attractive professions in today’s Information Society!

The Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg is a recognized Centre of Excellence established since the late 1980ies and provides the competence and capacity for offering a high level of undergraduate and postgraduate education. The residential MSc programme in Applied Geoinformatics is managed by Z_GIS as a core component of its academic qualifications in Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science.

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