Master Thesis

… and prerequisite (formal) steps towards graduation.

A master thesis is the key milestone on the road towards graduation. It helps to get off with an early start towards identifying a suitable topic, certainly long before all course work is completed.

First, though, you need to make sure that all prior steps are completed – please check out the guidelines document at the bottom of this page.

Development of your Master Thesis typically will start in the second year, and will be the main task throughout the final semester. Topics are discussed, defined and agreed with the chosen supervisor, who will be a professor at the University of Salzburg. If anyone from outside University of Salzburg, or without ‘habilitation’ (not a ‘Dozent’, ‘PD’, ‘Associate Prof’ or ‘Prof’) is considered as supervisor, explicit written permission must be granted before starting with the thesis.

A list of  recent topics is provided for illustration, as is a collection of  topic ideas offered by Z_GIS faculty. Generally, you should choose a topic suiting your interests and intended (future) professional orientation. Sometimes MSc thesis topics are announced and offered within project frameworks, but currently a majority of topics is chosen based on the candidate’s suggestions and interests.

 Thesis and Exam Guidelines Applied Geoinformatics

 Leitfaden Studienabschluss Angewandte Geoinformatik