PhD Geoinformatics


Doctoral programmes concentrate on developing the capacity for independent scientific work and spans 6 to 8 semesters. Admission requirement is the successful completion of a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in the same or comparable subject from a university, a ‘Fachhochschule’ (University of Applied Sciences) or a comparable degree in an equivalent or related field from an accredited Austrian or foreign institute of higher education.

PhD candidates are typically employed at the University of Salzburg through departmentally led projects, or are hosted at the department during supervision of work on students ‘own projects, frequently funded from international advanced training grants. It is possible to work towards a PhD while being employed externally in a related field, although such part-time PhD requires a long-term effort and carefully managed research.

Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science have evolved into a particular focus area at the University of Salzburg, managed through the Department of Geoinformatics. Research topics from the wide field of Geoinformatics are addressed through an “education through research” approach. The doctoral curriculum is focused on independently developing a thesis, parallel to completing a limited set of compulsory classes.

Currently research topics are centred around the eight research groups of the department: