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 Publication list of the RISK, HAZARD & CLIMATE LAB in PURE.




Research Highlights

Weather, Climate, and Society

Menk et al. (2022). Climate Change Impact Chains: A Review of Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities for CRVA.

Menk et al.

Int. J. of Disaster Risk Reduction

Abad et al. (2022). Mass movement susceptibility assessment of alpine infrastructure in the Salzkammergut area, Austria

Figure for publication highlight Abad et al 2022

Open Geosciences

Robson et al. (2022). Estimating the volume of the 1978 Rissa quick clay landslide in Central Norway using historical aerial imagery

Figure for publication highlight Robson et al 2022

Science of the Total Environment

Abad et al. (2022). Detecting landslide-dammed lakes on Sentinel-2 and monitoring their spatio-temporal evolution following the Kaikōura earthquake

Figure for publication highlight Abad et al 2022


Dias et al. (2021). Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Brazil: A Review

Figure for publication highlight Dias et al 2021

Remote Sensing of Environment

Robson et al. (2020). Automated detection of rock glaciers using deep learning and object-based image analysis.

Figure for publication highlight Robson et al 2020


Leis & Kienberger. (2020). Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Floods in Austria: Mapping Homogenous Regions, Hotspots and Typologies.

Figure for publication highlight, Leis&Kienberger 2020

Applied Sciences

Hölbling et al. (2020). Mapping and Analyzing the Evolution of the Butangbunasi Landslide using Landsat Time Series with Respect to Heavy Rainfall…

Figure for publication highlight Holbling et al 2020

Applied Sciences

Dabiri et al. (2020). Assessment of Landslide-Induced Geomorphological Changes in Hítardalur Valley, Iceland, Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data.

Dabiri et al. 2020 Graphical Abstract, Applied Sciences

Landslides and Engineered Slopes

Albrecht et al. (2016). User requirements for an Earth Observation (EO)-based landslide information web service. Book chapter.

Figure for publication highlight Albrecht et al 2016