RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry)

The University Library of Salzburg has signed an Open Access agreement with the publisher RSC. Corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Salzburg can publish open access in RSC journals with hybrid option without restrictions or additional cost.

In which journals can I publish?
A list of all eligible journals can be found  here.

Which article types are accepted?
Analysis, Application, Chemistry Frontiers, Communication, Concise Article, Critical Review, Edge Article, Emerging Area, Feature Article, Focus, Forum, Frontier, Highlight, Letter, Method, Mini-review, New Product Update, Opinion, Paper, Perspective, Research Article, Review Article, Synopsis, Technical Innovation, Technical Note, Tutorial Account, Tutorial Review, Viewpoint

What licence is granted?

How are eligible authors identified?
Authors are identified by the institutional email domain given when submitting the article. Please use the university email address ( during submission.


  1. Eligible authors are identified by RSC upon acceptance of the article.
  2. The corresponding author chooses the free open access option.
  3. The publication is published open access under a Creative Commons licence.
Contact and further information

Further Information on Open Access at RSC can be found  here.
If you have any questions or need further information, please contact

Open Access Team