UNIGIS Master of Science

UNIGIS Master Program for Geoinformatics

The UNIGIS MSc is a remote study program at the University of Salzburg. It teaches fundamental concepts of Geoinformatics theory and its application. The Master of Science (CE) degree qualifies graduates to manage GIS projects, working groups, and divisions related to the field of Geoinformatics. Studying online and remotly offers the great advantage of being spatially and temporally flexibile.  

UNIGIS MSc Study Program

The  UNIGIS Master of Science program is a Bolognia conform master study with overall 120 ECTS. This comprises of:

  • 9 core modules (6 ECTS each)
  • Elective subjects (24 ECTS)
  • Study phase “Academic Guidance and Support” (9 ECTS)
  • Master Thesis (30 ECTS)
  • Defensio (Master Exam) (3 ECTS)

This structure aims at a comprehensive skill and knowledge acquisition in the field of GIS and GI-technology (ArcGIS products, QGIS, FME, Leaflet, etc.), while allowing the students to explore areas of personal interest with elective modules (from a selection of 15+ optional modules).
In their master thesis, the students can realise individual or work-related projects within the field of GIS. Besides, the Department of Geoinformatics, at the University of Salzburg, offers a broad portfolio of research projects where students are invited to contribute. 


General Information

Study Program
Geographical Information Science & Systems – UNIGIS MSc (CE)

Academic Degree
Master of Science (CE)*
*CE stands for Continuing Education

Upcoming Starts

  • (twice a year)
  • 01 October 2024
  • 01 March 2025
  • Info-Webinar: We introduce the UNIGIS distance learning programmes in this online webinar and answer your questions. Next webinar: 25 June 2024, 4pm (CEST).  Register here. 

Tuition Fee
The study program’s tuition fee amounts to € 12,500.- payable in a single installment or 2 equal annual instalments of € 6,500.- each. Additional fees are due for credit card payment. 

Study Guide

The study guide provides a closer look into the UNIGIS Master of Science study program:  UNIGIS Master of Science – Study Guide


 UNIGIS Master of Science – Curriculum (in German)

Optional Modules

Students can choose from a variety of Optional Modules to create an individual focus area within their studies. For details on the Optional Modules that are offered this year, click this link:  UNIGIS Salzburg Optional Modules

Admission & Application

Here you can find more details on the admission and registration process:
 UNIGIS Master of Science – Admission Requirements
 UNIGIS Master of Science – How to apply

Next start: 01 October 2024
Register until: 10 September 2024


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Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS
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