Since coaching is a classic social interaction between two persons and therefore also subject to socio-psychological phenomena, we deal with this topic both in teaching and in our research and create a transfer to further education at the university.
In order to better understand and predict the impact of coaching, we examine the effectiveness and socio-psychological impact of coach-coachee interaction and the effectiveness of the methods used on the client. As part of master’s theses and dissertations, exciting research questions are constantly being developed and investigated.


As part of the master’s specialization “Social Interaction in Business and Society”, we offer the following courses on coaching:

  • In the module Coaching, consisting of the seminars Coaching I and II (also see “Coaching”), students of the master specialization “Social Interaction” have the opportunity to complete a coaching training (career coaching) certified by the Coaching- und Beratungszentrum Regensburg already during their studies.
  • In the seminar “Praxisorientierte Vertiefung” (POV) students have the opportunity to develop products on the topic of “coaching” based on social psychological theories. For example, a booklet on building trust in coaching was created, which has since been used in career coach training.
  • As part of another course in the master’s program, students have the opportunity to try out and consolidate their acquired skills as a coach in the field under supervision.

Career coaching is a versatile form of consulting for executives, academics and increasingly also for career starters. Here, clients are accompanied by their coach in achieving their goals through goal-, resource- and solution-oriented methods. Topics concern e.g.:

  • Preparing for the start of a career or a new position
  • Setting, pursuing and achieving career goals
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis with reference to a suitable profession
  • Reconciling professional and private goals
  • Presentation of one’s own personality in job application situations
  • Time and self-management
  • Conflict abilties & critical abilities, communication


One of the research foci of the Department of Social Psychology is dedicated to the topic of “Social Interactions in Application”. Here we try, among other things, to explore the impact of coaching and to optimize the use of coaching in practice through empirical findings. Further information about our research can be found here.

Transfer to continuing education:

The transfer of coaching also into other areas of the University of Salzburg, especially into further education, is a special concern for us. Through various cooperations and through postgraduate education at the University of Salzburg, coaching is applied in the following areas:

  • In cooperation with the Career Center, our doctoral students, who have completed the one-year certified training as career coaches and have gained practical experience, offer career coaching as part of the PLUSTRACK-project for all students at the University of Salzburg.
  • In the master’s program of the university course “Supervision, Coaching and Mediation“, participants receive comprehensive training as career, life plan and project coaches.
  • In the master’s program “ Training and Development” at the Salzburg Management Business School (SMBS), participants receive training in coaching.

Past collaborations:

  • In the university didactics course.
  • Coaching for all PLUS students in cooperation with the Career Center.

If you have any questions about coaching, please contact Christina Mühlberger or Georg Zerle.