Mentoring project “Sprungbrett – promoting talents together”

The basic idea of ​​the mentoring project “Sprungbrett” (engl.: Diving Board or Stepping Stones) is that both students and soon to bee teachers can reach higher through a common mentoring relationship! This project has been successfully carried out since October 2012 in cooperation between the University of Salzburg (Department of Social Psychology / School of Education) and the Christian-Doppler Gymnasium in Salzburg. Specifically, this means that soon to be teachers take on a role as a mentor and accompany and support a second-grade high school student for a year and a half. The assignment of the mentors to their mentees takes place on the basis of shared interests.
The mentoring couples meet regularly, which provides the mentees with an important additional tangible role model and encouraging contact with new learning environments (such as visiting the library, University, Museum of History or Natural Sciences). At the same time, the prospective teachers benefit from the experience gained with the students, as well as from the training and regular supervision (for example, creating positive learning situations and positive relationships). The goal of the mentoring is to get higher and higher by learning from each other – as it were mentoring as a springboard for education!

For further information please contact Dr. Barbara Mackinger.