In order to successfully pursue your personal professional path, you need not only a sound education or a degree, but in particular the willingness and the will to lifelong learning. The fact that this is not a new insight can be seen in the steadily growing number of further education offers, such as trainings, seminars or workshops. Since this form of counseling is a classic social interaction and therefore also subject to socio-psychological phenomena, we deal with the subject of “training” both in teaching and in our research.

Research & Application:
In our research, we design a variety of trainings that are based on psychological foundations and current research results, perform them and evaluate their effectiveness.
Topics of our trainings are for example:

  • Justice in the workplace
  • Promoting resilience
  • Trust in the customer relationship
  • Conduct employee appraisals conflict management
  • Interculturalism time management

If your interest in one of these topics has been aroused, we will gladly provide you with further information. We are happy to put together an individual training for you, which is tailored to your needs or to the problem in your organization. For further information please contact Vicky König.