Thomas VIKOLER, BSc, MSc

Thomas Vikoler, MSc.
Department for Psychology

Hellbrunnerstrasse 34, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 (0)662 / 8044 – 5118
Fax.: +43 (0)662 / 8044 – 5126

University Assitant and Doctoral Student for the Division of Work, Organizational and Economic Psychology
Consultation Hours:
Appointments should be made with Isobel Klier, BA
Research group:
PERL  PsychoEconomic Research Lab

Twitter:  TVikoler


  • Since 2019: Doctoral Studies in Psychology at Paris Lodron University Salzburg
  • 2016-2019: Master Degree Psychology (Specialization: Social Interaction) at Paris Lodron University Salzburg
  • 2013-2016: Bachelor Degree Psychology at Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Academic Employment:

  • Since 2020 University Assistant at Paris Lodron University Salzburg
  • Since 2019 Research Assistant at the Clinical Research Centre Salzburg at the Christian Doppler Clinic Salzburg (Integrated Care Salzburg)
  • 2019-2020 Senior Scientist at Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the experience of stress among employees. The aim of my research is to investigate the factors which cause positive (Eustress) and negative (Disstress) and the effect of both types of stress on health and performance. Triggering factors include demands and resources at the workplace or in private life. In order to be able to gather data about the direct experience of Eu- and Disstress, I use online surveys and diary methods using the Di-Eu-Stress State (DESS) Scale developed by my colleague and me. Findings in this area help to recognize the causes of Eustress and Disstress within a narrow time frame and economically and to determine ways to better deal with stress.  

Key Publications:

  • Vikoler, T., Kovács, D., Zanchetta, M., & Traut-Mattausch, E. (in preparation). The Di-Eu-Stress State Scale (DESS): Development and Validation of a Scale measuring State Distress and Eustress.