The University Library of Salzburg has signed a membership agreement with open access publisher Frontiers. Corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Salzburg benefit from reduced publication fees and automated, centralised invoicing by the University Library.

Funding via the Open Access publishing agreement is granted depending on the availability of funds.

In which journals can I publish?
All journals published by Frontiers.

Which article types are accepted?
All article types except Book Reviews.

Which licence is granted?
CC-BY 4.0

How are eligible authors identified?
Authors are identified by the affiliation given when submitting the article. Please use the university email address ( during submission.


  1. Eligible publications are identified by the publisher upon submission of the article.
  2. The corresponding author submits a request for the costs to be covered by the publication fund at .
  3. Authors are informed by e-mail if the publication fees are covered by the institution. If funding from EU projects is indicated, funding needs to be covered by the project. If the costs are not covered by project funding or the membership agreement, the corresponding author will receive an invoice for the discounted APC.
  4. The publication is published open access under a Creative Commons licence.
Contact and further information

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact

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