Orientation and Introduction

For newly registered students, the AGI study programme starts with a unit on ‘Orientation and Introduction‘. Aiming at assisting with selecting the ‘right’ study programme, exploring candidates’ career perspectives, assessing requirements for remedial work depending on prior qualifications, English language competence and to develop a personalized approach to the MSc AGI, this unit is offered in every semester. Orientation and Introduction Interested candidates are invited and strongly recommended to conduct a personal interview with a course moderator (Prof Thomas Blaschke, Dr Manfred Mittlböck, Prof Josef Strobl) prior to applying for admission, to receive indicative feedback and recommendations about starting AGI. This personal discussion also can be conducted via phone, Skype or an alternative conferencing platform.
Immediately after admission to the MSc AGI all candidates are obliged to register for  ‘Orientation and Introduction
A positive assessment of ‘Orientation and Introduction’ by the unit instructors is required for admission to any exam in the modules [856M12-17].