Erasmus+ Mobility / exchange opportunities

The > ERASMUS+ programme offers international study experiences through mobility periods at other universities. This provides opportunities for students to study abroad between three months (one semester) and twelve months (two semesters). Staff members can teach abroad between one day and six weeks. We at >Z_GIS welcome incoming Erasmus students at MSc level for one or two semester visits and allow registration for all classes (the entire MSc ‘Applied Geoinformatics’ is taught in English). Information about lectures and classes are available  online. So is information about the MSc Geoinformatics >curriculum.

Erasmus Globus

Outgoing mobilities from the University of Salzburg are primarily recommended for students having completed their first BSc degree at PLUS without yet having used an opportunity to study abroad. To discover opportunities and inform yourself about ERASMUS+ the Austrian National Agency is providing information on their > website. More specific information on studying abroad is provided from the >International Office of the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS). For consultation, please be prepared on the general information on ERASMUS+ applications by use of >PLUS guidelines and schedule an appointment with >Hermann Klug.

Presently available ERASMUS+ mobility options with European universities connected with Z_GIS through cooperation, exchange and joint projects include:










The current Erasmus+ programme includes mobility options from and to universities outside Europe, through dedicated projects and multilateral exchanges. Opportunities for PLUS students within the domain of Geoinformatics are communicated via Email whenever they arise.