Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Jochim Hansen

Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Jochim Hansen
Department of Psychology

Hellbrunnerstrasse 34, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Tel.: +43 (0) 662 / 8044 – 5177
Fax.: +43 (0) 662 / 8044 – 5126

Research group: Consumer and Social Cognition


  • 2015 Habilitation, University of Salzburg
  • 2006 PhD in Psychology, University of Basel
  • 2002 Diploma (M.Sc.) in Psychologie, University of Trier
  • 1995-2002 Studies in Psychology und Musicology

Professional Positions:

  • Since 2015 Associate Professor, University of Salzburg
  • 2011-2015 Assistant Professor, University of Salzburg
  • 2011 Research Fellow, University of Heidelberg
  • 2009-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, New York University (Mentor: Yaacov Trope)
  • 2002-2009 Researcher and Lecturer, Department of Social and Economic Psychology, University of Basel (Advisor: Michaela Wänke)
  • 1998-1999 Student Research Assistant, University of Trier (Advisor: Herbert Bless)


My research interests lie within the field of social cognition. On the one hand, I examine the effects of processing fluency on social judgments and decisions. On the other hand, I investigate the situational influences on construal level (i.e. the abstraction level of mental representations) as well as its effects on behavior, perception and social judgments. Accordingly, my research program merges aspects of processing fluency and construal level, both of which are important when judgments and decisions are made in a social context.

Key publications: