Impressions from the Department of Social Psychology

Eva Jonas receiving the Ars Docendi Award for Excellent Teaching

Ars Docendi State Award for Excellent Teaching 2015
Eva Jonas receives the Ars Docendi State Award for Excellent Teaching in Austrian Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Private Universities for her outstanding work concerning the education of psychology students .

Vera Esser receiving the Marie Andeßner Prize 2014

Marie Andeßner Prize Award Ceremony 2014
For her outstanding diploma thesis “Male Burnout – Female Burnout: When Gender Does Make a Difference”, VERA ESSER (2. l.) was awarded the Marie Andeßner Prize.

Barbara Mackinger receiving the Otto Wittschier Science Award 2013

Otto Wittschier Science Award 2013
Dr. Barbara Mackinger (middle) receives the Science Award for her work: “Losing money and losing trust: Uncertainty in the financial consultancy and how this can be overcome”