Defensiones at the Department of Mathematics

Thomas Stanin
21. Oktober 2021

“The Bounded Slope Condition in Evolution Problems”

Nicole Vorderobermeier

27. September 2021
“Regularity Theory and Gradient Flows of Geometric Curvature Energies for Curves”

Sebastian Heintze

14. Mai 2021
“New results on Diophantine problems related to linear recurrences”

Paolo Di Stolfo
22. Dezember 2020
“hp-adaptive finite elements and the Finite Cell method”

Martin Happ
02. April 2020
“Pseudo-Rank Based Methods and Multivariate Test Statistics”

Noppadon Kamnitui
„Special Classes of Copulas and their Properties”

Christina Magdalena Karolus

11. September 2019
“Composition of polynomials, lacunarity, and linear recurrences”

Georg Zimmermann
18. Juni 2019
“Hypothesis tests for covariate-adjusted group comparisons in small-sample size settings”

Gregor Milicic, Dipl.-Math.
25. Mai 2019
„Lösungsalgorithmen für Variationsungleichungen undgekoppelte Systeme im Wissenstransferzwischen Forschung und Schule”

Manuela Schreyer, M. Sc.
8. Oktober 2018
“Some New Results in Copula Theory”

Stefan Sturm, M. Sc.
28. Juni 2018
“Doubly Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Measure Data”

Dipl.-Math. Jan Petsche
27. April 2018
“Hybrid and stabilized hp-finite element methods for variational equations and inequalities”

Christoph Hutle, Dipl.-Ing.
27. Februar 2018
“Diophantine Triples and Linear Recurrence Sequences

Markus Hittmeir, Mag. rer. nat.
25. Januar 2018
On the Complexity of Integer Factorization and Related Problem”

Simon PLANGG, Mag. rer. nat.
07. November 2017
“Mathematikunterricht im Wandel – Eine fachdidaktische Analyse”

Andreas BYFUT, Dipl. Math.
19. September 2017
hp-Adaptive Generalized Finite Element Methods – Applications in Fracture Mechanics and Production Engineering”

Mag. rer. nat. Benjamin REICHENWALLNER, BSc BA MSc
05. Juli 2017
Monotonicity of the Moments of Volumes of Random Simplices”

Thomas SINGER, M. Sc.
11. November 2016
Evolutionary problems with p, q-growth”

Alexander Hermann BORS,  BSc MSc
18. Juli 2016
On Dynamical Aspects of Finite Group Endomorphisms”

Mag. rer.nat. Michael OBER, Bakk.rer.nat
14. Juli 2015
Lp-Minkowski Valuations on Function Spaces”

DI Mag.phil. Richard BRUNAUER, Bakk.techn.
8. Juli 2015
“Supervised Hebbian Learning for Spiking Neural Networks

Johannes STEMESEDER, Bakk.rer.nat. MSc.
18. Juni 2015
“Random polytopes with vertices on the boundary of a smooth convex body